12 months of Koi Keeping

12 months of Koi Keeping


This is the coldest month of the year in Indianaoplis area. The pond’s surface is covered with ice. It is necessary that there is a hole in the ice for air exchange.


Make sure you have your isolation tank set up and running just in case you have a sick fish you need to bring in.
Check the pond and make sure the air hole is still open and your aireator is still working.
Go around and check out the pump, heat bulb, and what ever you have running.
Bring fire wood in for your fire place and make some hot chocolate.


Make sure your isolation tank is ready and at the same temperture as out side.
If you notice any fish that is not so well, bring it in and put it in isolation tank and start first aide.
You fish will be moving around and make sure you don’t feed them. They will be begging for food. Feed them and you will kill them.
Do not do any clean up of your water fall and any thing that will mess up your water.
Remember that your Koi immunity is very low and bacteria started to attack your fish. Any dirty water will help the bacteria and not your Koi


Is warming up now and your isolation tank is ready. Any sick fish will need to go in there so it wll not infect the other. If the temperature is over 50 F degree, you can feed them once every 2 days.

Start deciding which Koi you will be bringing to the Big Indiana Koi and Water Garden Club In June.

Start asking your local pond builders to put ponds into our pond tour. This is a great opportunity for them to show off their ponds to the public interested in pond and landscaping. Great advertising for them also.


Temperature is now in the 60’s F. You can feed them at least once a day.
Still do not clean your water fall and mess with water. The bacteria is now more active. Your koi is now in the Danger Zone. You can change the water and only 20-30 %.
By now you know which koi is going to the Show.


Temperature is now in the 60’s – 70’s. You can feed the Koi 2 times a day.
Slowly attract your koi to and area so you can easily catch the Show Koi.
Get them ready for the show –

Show date June 13 and 14, 2014.
Getting us to the show on time.


You won and you will be sitting at home with you bragging right.
Back yard cookout and now the temperature is about 80’s.
Your Koi now have the highest immunity and are well fed. They are now strong enough for you to clean your waterfall and whatever you like.


Your pond and garden is in tip top shape. The club will love to have a meeting at your place.
If you can, change the water 10% daily.


Getting the kid back to school and you will be thinking about closing down the pond.
If you can change the water 10% daily.


Temperature is now about 60 degree. Feed with wheat germ once a day.

Closing down the pond. Clean the bottom, the waterfall, pumps, skimmer box.
After the cleaning of the pond, you will want to do a water change 30%. One week later change the water again.30%.


Your pond is closed down. Make sure all line are blown out . Air pump going. Skimmer box is empty and throw some salt into the emptied water line. Make sure your water line can take the salt.


Your pond and fish is ready for the winter.


The 20th years celebration

The 20th Annual Indiana Koi and Water Garden Club

Pond Tour/Koi Exhibit /Vendor Show
June 2016                     To be announce
Geist Nursery 9890
Mollenkopf Rd., Fishers, IN 46037

Saturday 9:00am–‐6:00pm
Sunday 9:00am–‐3:00pm

We will invite all previous pond tour members to participate. Please update us if you are interested helping our 20th years celebration.

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